It’s been a revolution! We are completely changing the approach to building houses. Now you can make a house with your friends without going to the stores. And all this with the use of super effective materials, for little money and in a short time. You can create your home for rest, for quarantine, for finishing errands, for rent. Take advantage of the opportunities offered by passive income.

Technological revolution:

  • use of the most modern and efficient materials that are currently on the market, such as graphene or Isobooster,
  • heating,
  • capillary cooling,
  • photovoltaic installations,
  • use of gray water.

Pandemic revolution, quarantine .. You can build such a house on your plot to have your asylum. While you will have to isolate yourself, live somewhere during quarantine – it will be the perfect place. Would you like to be alone with yourself? Do you want to finish writing your book? Do you dream about doing something that stimuli in your environment do not allow you to do? Go to your dream house and come back with the achieved goal. Not everyone can work at home, and such a house is a great idea for a home office.

Other revolutionary solutions:

cinema room, your place of relaxation, meeting place with friends, office, study room, reading room, home office, far from stimuli

gym for which there was not enough space at home
home gym
bathroom to be assembled