Our company specializes in the implementation of orders for small-sized houses, which – according to the Polish construction law – are erected “on request”. The result of our many years of experience in the construction industry, passion for ecology and willingness to make life easier is the My Cube 1 project.

My Cube 1 is an autonomous, fully independent and ecological house that can be built on almost any plot. By the lake, in the forest, on a private beach, in the mountains – you can live anywhere in just a few weeks. Exactly, weeks – the houses we build do not require a permit, and you do not have to buy a plot of land to own. This means that the longest formalities – i.e. the building permit and the consent of local authorities for the possible transformation of the plot – will not be involved in the construction process.

The houses are modular – they can be compared to “puzzles” in the macro version, which when folded provide a stable structure, resistance to the harshest weather conditions and a cozy roof over your head. You do not need to have specialized construction knowledge or have heavy equipment to erect a building. The whole thing has been designed and constructed in such a way that the house can be easily assembled even alone. What’s more, the houses prepared by us are brought to a closed shell – the client only needs to perform simple finishing works, such as installing internal doors and furnishing the interior.

Although the construction law imposes a number of restrictions on us, such as the lack of a basement or floor, the space offered in our modular houses allows for free interior arrangement. Not only that – the purpose of the house itself can be freely chosen by the buyer. A built house can be a cheaper alternative to living in a block of flats, as well as a form of a summer place or business seat.

People who want financial security can use a house to generate passive income – renting such a flat allows you to enjoy a return on investment in less than 8 years from the date of purchase. The return will be much faster if we choose a place with special tourist or landscape values. This stable income can be an attractive addition to your salary or a form of financial security during retirement.

We mentioned earlier that the houses from Mam My Dom can be classified as ecological – we have made every effort to ensure that our solutions are as environmentally friendly as possible. We use green-certified materials and raw materials, and in our daily practice we limit the consumption of water, electricity, paper and plastic. The houses we erect are energy-efficient, and thanks to the capillary technology, our clients receive a double benefit – a natural way of high-efficiency cooling or heating and lower electricity and water bills.

My Cube 1 is solutions for years – we successfully help to fulfill our clients’ dreams of their own independent home. Regardless of whether you are planning to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, whether you plan to profit from renting, or you just need space for your hobby – choose My Cube 1. We will be happy to present you with examples of projects and reveal the full potential during a casual meeting.