Buy a house ready to be assembled. Create your passive income – your cottage on an attractive plot of land that doesn’t have to be yours – and start generating passive income. By renting it, you can always go there alone to finish the things that you put off most often because of the amount of stimuli that surround you or at any time with your family for a well-deserved rest. Make your own house next to your home. Did you run out of space for the gym? Build a house! You ran out of space for your hobby? Build a house! Maybe it will be a cinema room for which you do not have room at home, maybe it will be a place to relax, a small backyard SPA, a reading room, or a guest house so as not to be embarrassed by their presence at home? It can also be a quarantine place, a nice solitary confinement.

Polish Order. Houses up to 70 sq m nearer and nearer. There is a bill

The draft provides for regulations, on the one hand, liberalizing the rules, but at the same time introducing certain restrictions that are to prevent anarchization of spatial development.

One two-story house up to 70 sq m. will be available on a plot of 1000 sq m. If we want to build two buildings of this type, we must have a plot of land of at least 2,000 sq m.

In the case of single-storey houses, it will be possible to put one such building on 500 mkw.