House on request 35m2 – formalities

To register an individual recreation building, please submit the application form to the local starosty or the city office with poviat rights, in the architectural and construction department. The notification should include the specification, scope and manner of performance of the works as well as the planned date of commencement.

The application should be accompanied by:
• a declaration of the right to use the property for construction purposes,
• sketches or drawings showing the construction project, i.e. a map of the area with marked location object, plan and elevations,
• proof of payment of stamp duty.

After submitting the form, you should wait 21 days – this is the time for the starost (or the president of a city with poviat rights) for the actual and legal assessment of the application – if he does not raise an objection within this time, then it is tantamount to consent – the so-called “Rule of silence” and authorizes the commencement of works. The architectural and construction administration authority may also issue a certificate of non-objection within 21 days, which is tantamount to the right to start building a house without a building permit.

Can a house without a building permit have a basement? Is the basement the next floor?
The basement is the next floor. The construction law refers to a one-story building, which means that it cannot have a basement or a usable floor (anyway, non-usable buildings are sometimes questioned by officials).

Can I install a chimney in the building upon request?
The regulation allows for the installation of an individual wood-burning fireplace with an open hearth or closed fireplace insert in the recreation building. The related requirements are, however, the same as in the case of single-family houses.

Regulation of the Minister of Infrastructure on the technical conditions to be met by buildings and their location (Section IV, Chapter 4, § 132 section 3)

“§ 132. 1. A building which, due to its intended use, requires heating, should be equipped with a heating system or other heating devices, other than stoves, kitchen hearths or fireplaces. 2. Solid fuel stoves and cookers may be used in buildings with a height of up to 3 above-ground storeys, unless it is contrary to the provisions of the local spatial development plan, (…) “

How to prepare a plot for a modular house on request?
A modular house is entirely made in the factory from one or more modules. These modules have all installations and insulation (also in the floor). For this reason, we do not need to additionally insulate the foundation. It is enough to prepare a point foundation, a bench or a cold foundation slab (depending on the ground conditions and customer preferences). You need to bring a 3-phase power cable and a cold water and sewage connection and wait for the assembly of a modular house.

When choosing this technology, remember about the possibility of accessing the TIR plot with a semi-trailer, as well as a crane. When the truck comes in, so does the crane. It is important that the road is not so wide as it does not have great hills and sharp turns, because then the truck may not reach the plot.

How close to the plot border can I put a 35m2 house on request?
• 4 meters – for walls with windows and doors
• 3 meters – for walls without windows and doors