The FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) tab was created with your convenience and comfort in mind – here we will explain the most frequently discussed issues. We understand that building your own home is unusual and may raise many questions. If you do not find an answer to your inquiry here, please contact us by phone or e-mail.


According to the Polish construction law, the construction of a standard detached house is required to have an appropriate permit. The exception are houses with an area of ​​up to 70 m2 that meet the construction criteria of the so-called home on request. Thanks to this, you do not have to apply for a building permit, you only need to report the fact that a small house has been erected to the appropriate office.
There is no such necessity; houses without a permit can also be built on land owned by another person. If you do not have your own land on which to build such a house, we will be happy to find an investor ready to cooperate in lending the land.
My Cube 1 sets itself apart from the competition primarily by thinking about the future in many respects. This applies to both the immediate and future needs of our clients, as well as thinking about the future of our planet. When designing our houses, we prepare solutions that meet a whole range of expectations that the client places in our project. At the same time, we use eco solutions - we care about the energy-saving properties of our houses, and we also apply a policy of reducing the carbon footprint.
Projects created as part of Mam My Home are planned in such a way that they respond to a number of the most frequently reported needs. There is a possibility of some interference in the finished project, which means the possibility of personalizing the order to a certain extent. However, it should be remembered that the construction law absolutely binds us in terms of the possibility of building a house on application, and this largely constitutes a design limitation. In other words: some remarks, such as creating one room instead of two, are feasible, and some remarks contrary to the legislation (eg taking into account a basement or separating a floor) will not be feasible.
We are glad that you chose our offer. We invite you to contact us by phone at +48 501 032 892, by e-mail at or visit the seat of the Intelligent House at ul. Żółkiewskiego 15 in Toruń. During the conversation, we will explain the further stages of cooperation in detail and answer any additional questions.
Yes - with the purchase of our house, you will receive from us all the necessary documents to report to the competent office. We also declare cooperation with state administration bodies in the event of any questions on their part. We answer all detailed questions in this regard both during the preparation of the initial cost estimate and at further stages of cooperation.
It is possible to buy a house with assembly, but this option is additionally payable. The price of "labor" depends on the selected project, location and several other issues that we will consult during the preparation of the initial cost estimate.
Houses without a permit are erected much faster than those that require a full construction procedure, thanks to which the implementation is counted in weeks, not months. The standard time for erecting a house is from 2 to 3 weeks, however, this period may be slightly longer depending on factors such as weather conditions, the availability of building materials or the location of the investment.
The foundations used to embed houses up to 70 m2 are significantly different from standard screeds. Special, "mobile" foundations are prepared, which - just like our houses - can be transported to completely different areas at any time. We will provide details on the foundations after receiving initial information at the meeting.
The cottages offered as part of the Mam My Home project are year-round - it means that you can move in permanently and use it both in the summer, sunny season, and in winter, which is marked by negative temperatures and snow. This does not change the fact that the houses we propose can also be used in a seasonal way, for example as a summer base or a cottage rented during the tourist season.
Our company attaches great importance to ecological solutions both at the design stage and at the stage of construction or use of the house. This means that energy efficiency of houses is one of our overarching goals already implemented in the early stages of building a building. Thanks to this, we can proudly say that the houses we build are energy-efficient, thanks to capillary heating and cooling.
My Cube 1 houses are delivered in a closed shell - this means that the plumbing and electricity are already inside the building. Additionally, the electrical installation is prepared both inside and outside the cottage.
Both heating and cooling are based on capillary technology, nearly 400% more effective than standard forms of heating. It consists in the plane location of capillaries, i.e. special concealed mats, which - depending on the needs - can generate heat or cold. The "drive" of capillaries is water, which is another ecological factor, much more environmentally friendly than gas or coal heating.
My Cube 1 is the certainty of a solid product - we provide a 5-year warranty on our houses without any worries. It is possible to extend the warranty to 25 years. This is one of the longest, if not the longest, warranty on the market for permit-free homes.
When answering this question, please bear in mind the local law of the country to which you want to transport your modular house. The provision for houses without permits is appropriate for Poland, so we can answer this question only after collecting a more extensive interview from the client.