In order to make the place more attractive and increase the rate of return on investment, it is necessary to expand the rest areas. A campus consisting of several or a dozen houses is easier and cheaper to equip with additional attractions such as:

  • SPA,
  • sauna,
  • jacuzzi,
  • swimming pool,
  • playground,
  • rope park,
  • public WiFi,
  • bathtub,
  • fireplace,
  • barbecue house,
  • smokehouse,
  • greenhouse, garden,
  • restaurant,
  • Escape room,
  • cottages on the tree.

The cost of such an investment can be divided into the number of houses, and the attractions can be used by everyone.

Dividing into smaller, specialized groups gives a greater guarantee of achieving the goal than forcing a large number of people who disturb each other into the open space.

Other uses:

  • Churches, parishes, pilgrim homes
  • Cottages at local attractions
  • Community Campuses
  • Campuses at Training Centers
  • Campuses for employees at the job site or at the companies