Who we are?

About the Smart Home team

We have been operating on the construction market for over 20 years under the Intelligent House brand, dealing with comprehensive implementations in this field. During this time, we had the opportunity to meet many people, listen to their needs and desires. Everyone agrees that time-consuming procedures and waiting for administrative decisions to be issued effectively discourage people from building their own house. At the same time, we are observing a systematic increase in prices on the real estate market, which is delaying the purchase of their own apartment among young people. The solution that allows you to build a cheap flat, while minimizing clerical procedures, are modular houses implemented as part of the Mam My House project. Until recently, modular houses were built only up to 35 m2 – this was the original version of the provision in the building law. Today, however, we are faced with the opportunity to pass changes increasing the area of ​​the house without permits up to 70 m2. Such an area allows you to create a fantastic space both for a single person who appreciates spacious interiors, and a family that needs a safe and intimate place. It is also a great idea to create a home SPA, a place to spend the night for friends, and even rent a summer house for tourists seeking relaxation.

Designing, constructing and erecting houses is our professional passion, which can be seen in each subsequent implementation. Well thought-out solutions, energy efficiency and ecology go hand in hand with aesthetics, design and impeccable design. We do not accept compromises in which the client has to choose “one of two” – we try to prepare the project in such a way as to fully respond to market needs. As a team, we are constantly developing, optimizing working time and balancing costs in such a way that the final recipient can enjoy a solid product and a quickly completed project at an attractive price. We completely reject laborious construction and closing the state for many months – we focus on innovation that will allow you to move into a newly erected house just a few weeks after placing the order.

We value professionalism and business culture, therefore we approach each client individually. We actively listen to the needs and analyze the information provided to us with understanding. We consult each step with the client, advising according to our best knowledge. We add our natural, human empathy, which means that we want to prepare the best project for everyone. We offer the whole experience and knowledge in line with the construction art and new technological achievements. The result is a house for less than $ 200,000 that you will move into, delightedly saying “I have my house and it is wonderful!”.