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Welcome to the Mam Swój Dom website, my name is Tadeusz and together with the whole team of the company Inteligentny Dom we invite you to get acquainted with the offer of our company.

We provide solid, energy-efficient houses in a very simple construction technology. 

I have an attractive plot of land

If you have a beautiful plot in an attractive location, and you do not have the money to build a house, add your plot to the base I have my house. We will find an investor who will put a house on it, from which you will be able to profit. From now on, you will not pay the land tax yourself and you will start receiving passive income from the land lease.

I will buy a house

If you would like to have your passive income, select the place you are interested in from the I have my home database and add your home. From now on, you will have your passive income, to which you can invite friends, which you can rent, and if you want to transfer it to another place, it will be possible at a small cost.

Add materials or service

Every home needs an installer, water supply, electricity, sewage, interior finishing and equipment. If you can help with any of these matters, please feel free to contact us.


The Intelligent House company has been
participating in the process for over 25 years 
construction of houses. Watching the
struggle to build your dream 
the home of our clients in the field of, inter alia, installation and automation, we decided to create a team that designed and produced a house to be assembled in just a few days. We have completed elements so that you do not have to run around wholesalers, but the assembly itself we have simplified so that you do not have to look for great professionals (though of course, we recommend execution by the best specialists). Our the dream is to create houses made of simple modules and fully completed, so that their assembly is hassle-free and how the least time-consuming. Our fully equipped houses are missing worries for you type: what should I insulate the surface with, how soundproofing walls, what material to use to increase safety, what use thermal insulation so that it fulfills its function as long as possible, what to power the house so that it not only does not create costs, but also generate income.

Our passion is creating and searching for innovative technologies and materials that make the house energy-efficient and safe, maintenance-free and comfortable. We present our new project – a modern, one-story, year-round house with a mezzanine for people who like cozy interiors, characterized by a modern design. Enough application (without building conditions) to put up a house with an area not exceeding 35m². You receive all the necessary materials You when buying a cottage.

Cottage specification

The house with a usable area of ~ 35 m2 consists of a room with an annex
kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, communication and mezzanine (possibility
arranging the interior according to your own needs). By choosing this offer
you get a modern and simple shape with a complete set of essentials
materials for erecting such a house, even on your own. The heaviest
kit components weigh a maximum of 65 kg. We also attach an instruction,
which describes each stage of the work step by step.
Modular design, easy to assemble (although you can’t say that
building a house is a simple process, our job is to do how
the most amount of simplifications, factory work to improve work on
construction), repeatable modules, the possibility of shortening and lengthening the body.
Large glazing provides excellent lighting for the interior and
sophisticated view outside the window. With the product (numbered elements)
you will receive drawing documentation useful during the application
building at the local office and films, animations with an instructor
assembly. We are constantly improving the product by simplifying its assembly and
improving parameters and adding more and more materials
We use certified materials for the construction of the cottage
the best parameters. Construction of a house with a solid frame,
selected C24 certified construction timber
Scandinavian. Window joinery: triple-glazed windows with a thermofloat on
inside and outside (window coefficient 0.5 W / m2K), sheet metal roof
“On the seam”. Metal seam model, Retro Panel 25/521 color 7016 AM mat.
Roof color anthracite. Resistant to the harsh conditions of the boards
farmacell, H2O, Cetris, λ thermal insulation coating
0.000053, Security entrance door U = 1.1.


– Foundation dimensions: 4.8 m (width) x 7.2 m (length) x 5.4 m (height)

– Total area: 47 m2

– Building area: 34.56 m2

House without a building permit

Building a standard house involves many visits to offices and time-consuming waiting for a permit or documents to be issued. With our houses, you do not wait a minute for an administrative decision - both the area and the structure itself are within the so-called construction on a statement. This means that at any time, based on your application, you can place an order for our houses up to 35 m2 and start implementing your plans.


Price from 15000 euro€

Welcome to the I Have My Home website – here dreams of your own four corners come true. We specialize in the construction of houses up to 70 m2, which are subject to a simplified construction procedure. My name is Tadeusz and together with the entire team of the Intelligent House company, we invite you to familiarize yourself with the offer of our company.

The price of such a house, finished from the outside (inside to your own arrangement) is from 15 000 € + VAT.  The number of meters may vary slightly depending on the layout of the partition walls and technological progress.


- heat-insulating coating with a thermal conductivity coefficient of λ 0.000053
-certified materials 
-energy-saving house - photovoltaic installation (option)
-comprehensive support and professional advice -construction even in a few days
-low operating costs, the ability to generate surplus energy to power Rother houses or for sale
- by the end of 2021, we equip the house with an intelligent installation of voice, lighting, sound, etc. control free of charge as standard.
- premium standard: off grid installation, invisible speakers, air conditioning
- discount packages for construction wholesalers and stores with equipment in Poland

-financing; installments, leasing 103%


You receive a 5-year warranty for the house you have purchased.
Option to extend the warranty to 25 years. Thank you for your interest!
Have we inspired you to build your own house? There were questions on
which do you want answer? Or maybe you are determined to
starting a new stage in life - with your own private house?
We are happy and will be happy to tell you about our proposals.


Contact us by phone at +48 501 032 892, or send us an inquiry by e-mail We also encourage you to follow the development on social media.